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    Greetings from a long chronic pain flare. This episode of the CM podcast was recorded slowly and painfully over the past 6 months. It features a sample-heavy recording of my essay ROMANCE OF THE COLONY, a news/noise collage ‘remix’ of madam data’s DEAD GENERALS / DOLLAR GENERAL album, and a throwback recording of Raccoona Sheldon’s…

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  • Speaking on a new book and moving at a failure’s pace
    Speaking on a new book and moving at a failure’s pace

    Hello from the Daylight Savings timejump. I recorded a very casual diary/chatty overview all about my new book and gear 4 cyborg releases, while musing on Pluto in Aquarius realities (aftermath of Venus in Leo transit last year), and talking about the process of getting things made.  If you like a familiar voice in your…

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  • Bookmarks for Cyborgs
    Bookmarks for Cyborgs

    I’d been wanting to design more bookmarks ever since I made some to accompany mine and Metropolarity’s previous books in 2021. This new set commemorates the release of my latest, featuring the slogans BEAR WITNESS / DEVOTION / THRESHOLD / REMEMBER. If you order a book from me, you’ll get one. And if you just…

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  • Desire Hope Despair Tee
    Desire Hope Despair Tee

    After years of reprint requests and stories of shirts worn to tatters, lost to lovers, and other trials of time, I re-released the beloved DESIRE HOPE DESPAIR tee as a limited time pre-order…

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  • Stickers for Cyborgs
    Stickers for Cyborgs

    lineup 01 – DESIRE HOPE DESPAIR 2024 (holo) 02 – HEAVILY CYBORG 2.0 03 – MY OTHER BODY IS IN THE SHOP (black on white) 04 – MY OTHER BODY IS IN THE SHOP (white on clear) 05 – THRESHOLD 06 – MEAN SCARY FEMME APPRECIATION CLUB (holo) 07 – REMEMBER 08 – MAD PHILLY…

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  • Cyborg Memoirs 2012~2019: An exercise in printing cyberspace
    Cyborg Memoirs 2012~2019: An exercise in printing cyberspace

    it started as a “tumblr archive zine” and then… I published another book. something that began as a tumblr archive zine this is a tome about anger and angst what started as a 2023 transiting mars in gemini x venus in leo reflection for the fools and ghouls the youngsters and the lurkers culture shock…

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  • No New Colony
    No New Colony

    JUST in time for my solar return (June 6, send well wishes, blessings & presents!), I release to you, friend, a luscious new episode for your listening enjoyment, in which I continue to live up to my calling card slogan: SCIFI MAGIC SMUT SURVIVOR MEMOIR. Chapters 0:00 – Orientation2:46 – NO NEW COLONY7:00 – UNDER…

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  • Cyborg Memoirs Revival
    Cyborg Memoirs Revival

    Greetings my beloved denizen readers of the net, In the social media time sphere, it’s been a million years since you last heard from me here, but in regular ole human being time, I’ve been lining up a roster of projects for completion. For one, I have been considering a restructure of my Patreon Fan…


  • We might have to join the dead, you know
    We might have to join the dead, you know

    Late January 2023 finds me pulling threads on militarism, militancy, discipline, Mars, and related martial topics along my usual introspective and media-critical prongs of sci-fi, magic, and survivor memoir. Topics covered, tracks sampled, and side quest links are below. Enjoy and thank you for listening. Topics covered military environments – militancy / militarism needing militant…

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  • A long durational constant
    A long durational constant

    Considering the fruits of the past ten years, from the midst of a transiting Mars in Gemini x Mercury in Capricorn retrograde For 2023 I’m going to post my newsletters here on my own URL before crossposting them to my Substack and Patreon mail club accounts. Greetings friend,How have you been? I’m writing to you…

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  • “Speculative Writing” with Blue Stoop
    “Speculative Writing” with Blue Stoop

    Back in February 21st of 2022 this year, I did a one-hour workshop for Blue Stoop, an interesting Philadelphia literary organization that has been growing consistent in soliciting the local authorship (if u will) to participate in doing paid workshops for their audience. ::curtsies:: I liked it. I believe this is the only recorded instance…

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  • Double Layer Light Compression
    Double Layer Light Compression

    Greetings friends :0} It’s a lovely early autumn’s day here in Philly and I’ve got a long listen for you today. A typical mashup of discussion, field recordings, and an original piece of climate survivor fiction—a new All That’s Left story—from yours truly. I hope you like it.  I know I call myself a writer…

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