Stickers for Cyborgs

I don’t think I evvvvver posted this stuff here when I was first doing it, but somewhere in the mid-late 2010s I started getting vinyl stickers made to accompany the small array of other wares I took to zine fests and indie publishing fares and maker markets. Patches, pins, zines, and books, and the occasional shirt or tote bag. Being my Tumblr hey-day I promoted heavily there, on socials as @gear4cyborgs, and sold online as well. I was trying to “make stuff” under the now defunct DHD215 / Desire Hope Despair Heavy Industries moniker (what a mouthful), hoping I could get a regular something going (a side hustle is the term nowadays) with seasonal designs and visions of brand building, but I couldn’t get the means together and was really just doing too much.

In early 2023 I announced my Cyborg Memoirs Revival plan, an effort to revive and restructure the grown-disjointed facets of my online presence and artistic output. There was a lot to do. Update my website design and its outdated copy, rewrite artist statements & abouts (still going)/update CVs, rebuild my online shop to a new platform, plot out production schedules for the grip of items I was hoping to produce, get a whole new book edited and published, apply to a couple award/opportunities even tho the process sets off bad inflammation flareups (and I’m thisclose to requesting disability accommodations for these things)…

Anyway, here, my production efforts materialized in time to vend the Philly Zine Fest and Trans Art Mart, two events I hadn’t done in years but that people would routinely ask if I’d be at. I guess I mention this because since the pandemic lockdowns I feel like I isolated myself from the public eye in a way, and yet there are people all the time reminding me that they remember me and are even waiting to see what I’ve got going on next.

I initially thought I would scheme all this stuff into being and be able to promo it online back to back with vending IRL this past December, as if that’s all I do with my time and don’t also work a demanding full-time job, but the lessons and constrictions at this era of my life dictate that I do things little by little when I can and not when I think they should be done (i.e. I physically cannot handle burning myself out anymore, the recuperation grows longer and longer etc etc etc).

This is all to say, here’s some new and updated sticker designs, please enjoy.