Desire Hope Despair Tee

Part of my 2023 Cyborg Memoirs Revival plan was to produce some new merch, as well as attempt a pre-order model to print tees (usually a much larger upfront cost than when producing printed objects).

I’d been sitting on drafts of designs and notes of fun stuff I’d like to make for too long, so I signed myself up to vend two December markets to put the pressure on. I reprinted a ton of old zines, got a new book to the printers, designed some sick new stickers, a set of bookmarks, and reissued a(n apparently) cult classic tee. Then I burnt myself out doing too much SAD BUT TRUE but hey.

Fans of my DESIRE HOPE DESPAIR era gear production have been asking me when I would do a re-release ever since I made the last one several years ago. Now that so much more time’s been swallowed in the pandemic timejump, people have been telling me their tees have become shredded or lost to lovers and so on. So. I really had to bring it back.


garment dye

shrink free

7.5oz cotton

sizes 5X thru S

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