A screencap of my cyborgmemoirs.com website in 2002

Cyborg Memoirs Revival

Greetings my beloved denizen readers of the net,

In the social media time sphere, it’s been a million years since you last heard from me here, but in regular ole human being time, I’ve been lining up a roster of projects for completion.

For one, I have been considering a restructure of my Patreon Fan Club to explicitly be a MAIL CLUB. It was my ~original~ intention, that $5+ subscribers would receive my regular releases and such (and $2 subs would get fun stuff too but less often), but ironically after starting my Patreon I had to take a production break and reevaluation. The current iteration is more or less a newsletter crossposting outlet with a smattering of archival bonuses, so big thanks to my Fan Club subscribers for their continued support as my Patreon evolves. <3333

Speaking of restructurings, I’m also starting to plot out one for CYBORGMEMOIRS.COM here. The images attached to this post are from the 2002 iteration of my namesake URL, and I’ve been doing a LOT of contemplation and literal soul searching about my art practice and its connection to the world wide web all these years. So, more to come in that department.

(In this era we’re in, do people even spend much time on individual URLs anymore or???)

Meanwhile, I’m currently laying out a yet to be named TUMBLR ARCHIVE ZINE. It’s currently a collection of my longread text posts, quote posts, and images… altho I’m at odds with how to reproduce the copious amount of images in print without costing an arm and a leg. Did I spend a few hours researching risograph machines, residencies, how to prep files for print and troubleshooting issues? Yes. Will I print anything in riso? I just don’t know. I don’t even have access to a machine to experiment. I recently read (and will likely review) Be Oakley’s Publishing now: GenderFail’s working class guide to making a living off self publishing and agree, you have to use the materials and resources you have on hand. Anyway, this tumblr zine is interesting because a lot of the writing is lightly cringe to me slash I want to add notes in the margins for context/contemplation for the reader. At the very least I’m excited to make something experimental.

Then I have a recording day coming up where I’m gonna lay down audio for a NO NEW COLONIES piece I read as a performance jawn and never published anywhere. I’m also gonna record a new Cyborg Memoirs audio episode, and maaaybe some scifi type fodder for my friend’s synth project. Of course, editing and then releasing are other matters for another day.

I need to take a NEW AUTHOR PIC cause the one I have is like, me with a shaved head still and I’ve since grown my hair out longer than its been since 7th grade I bet.

Finally, I’m going to start making ALL THAT’S LEFT zines again. Like I said maybe in my last contact, I’m sick and tired of trying for this book format when this project and storyworld from the START was non-linear and episodic, like my fucking brain.

And those are the definites on my docket, all slated for release before end of June or before (can you tell I have been starting to implement heavy planning in my life?). There’s still the allure of attempting to bang out bookmarks and new stickers and other ephemera people like, but I’m gonna save that for after this other stuff gets realized.

March is THICC with astro weather changes, so hold on to your butts my friends, hold on to hope and the impossible, and staaaay tuuuuned.

Another screencap of my cyborgmemoirs.com website in 2002