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The new ALL THAT’S LEFT stories. Dig in.

  • No New Colony
    No New Colony

    JUST in time for my solar return (June 6, send well wishes, blessings & presents!), I release to you, friend, a luscious new episode for your listening enjoyment, in which I continue to live up to my calling card slogan: SCIFI MAGIC SMUT SURVIVOR MEMOIR. Chapters 0:00 – Orientation2:46 – NO NEW COLONY7:00 – UNDER…

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  • Double Layer Light Compression
    Double Layer Light Compression

    Greetings friends :0} It’s a lovely early autumn’s day here in Philly and I’ve got a long listen for you today. A typical mashup of discussion, field recordings, and an original piece of climate survivor fiction—a new All That’s Left story—from yours truly. I hope you like it.  I know I call myself a writer…

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  • Real Work You Deserve
    Real Work You Deserve

    When you wake up in the afternoon cause you couldn’t get up any earlier cause your whole body stiff and saturated with toxin exposure and mucous and rash and film and grime and you’re pushing it on the last of your meds and you hate dealing with the supplier and you know there’s gotta be…

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