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  • “Speculative Writing” with Blue Stoop
    “Speculative Writing” with Blue Stoop

    Back in February 21st of 2022 this year, I did a one-hour workshop for Blue Stoop, an interesting Philadelphia literary organization that has been growing consistent in soliciting the local authorship (if u will) to participate in doing paid workshops for their audience. ::curtsies:: I liked it. I believe this is the only recorded instance […]

  • “Desire Practice for Cyborgs” with Common Field 2021
    “Desire Practice for Cyborgs” with Common Field 2021

    For those who can’t get enough of my Desire Practice offering, here’s a recording of the one I did with COMMON FIELD, a national network of independent arts organizations and organizers, back in November of 2021. Friday, Nov 5, 20215pm EDT/2pm PDTWorkshop: 60 min Partner SessionOrganized by 2021 Convening Partner S RodriguezFacilitated by M Téllez […]

  • Soothsaying with METROPOLARITY
    Soothsaying with METROPOLARITY

    Myself, Ras Cutlass, and Rasheedah Phillips of our beloved METROPOLARITY crew were invited to do a show on PhillyCAM (Community Access Media) in Philadelphia. Join Metropolarity for an intimate night of prophecying, sh*t talking, and secret spilling. Your anxieties about the future sent via email/text/social media will be answered on air in between doses of […]