a wood table full of journals and memo pads. a sticker pouch sits on top next to a canvas pouch w/a patch that says come to me ven a mi [[shout out Tamara Santibañez]]; the biggest sticker in the case says smash fascism

Speaking on a new book and moving at a failure’s pace

Hello from the Daylight Savings timejump.

I recorded a very casual diary/chatty overview all about my new book and gear 4 cyborg releases, while musing on Pluto in Aquarius realities (aftermath of Venus in Leo transit last year), and talking about the process of getting things made. 

If you like a familiar voice in your ear while you’re on the way somewhere or doing some task, please enjoy. 

Stay tuned, I’m currently laying down opening tracks for the next Cyborg Memoirs episode proper.

Audio Notes: Intro/outro sample is MAZE’s Joy & Pain. Astrology clip is from the February 2024 forecast episode of Chris Brennan’s The Astrology Podcast (this ep ft Austin Coppock)