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  • No New Colony
    No New Colony

    JUST in time for my solar return (June 6, send well wishes, blessings & presents!), I release to you, friend, a luscious new episode for your listening enjoyment, in which I continue to live up to my calling card slogan: SCIFI MAGIC SMUT SURVIVOR MEMOIR. Chapters 0:00 – Orientation2:46 – NO NEW COLONY7:00 – UNDER […]

  • Cyborg Memoirs Revival
    Cyborg Memoirs Revival

    Greetings my beloved denizen readers of the net, In the social media time sphere, it’s been a million years since you last heard from me here, but in regular ole human being time, I’ve been lining up a roster of projects for completion. For one, I have been considering a restructure of my Patreon Fan […]

  • We might have to join the dead, you know
    We might have to join the dead, you know

    Late January 2023 finds me pulling threads on militarism, militancy, discipline, Mars, and related martial topics along my usual introspective and media-critical prongs of sci-fi, magic, and survivor memoir. Topics covered, tracks sampled, and side quest links are below. Enjoy and thank you for listening. Topics covered military environments – militancy / militarism needing militant […]

  • A long durational constant
    A long durational constant

    Considering the fruits of the past ten years, from the midst of a transiting Mars in Gemini x Mercury in Capricorn retrograde For 2023 I’m going to post my newsletters here on my own URL before crossposting them to my Substack and Patreon mail club accounts. Greetings friend,How have you been? I’m writing to you […]

  • “Speculative Writing” with Blue Stoop
    “Speculative Writing” with Blue Stoop

    Back in February 21st of 2022 this year, I did a one-hour workshop for Blue Stoop, an interesting Philadelphia literary organization that has been growing consistent in soliciting the local authorship (if u will) to participate in doing paid workshops for their audience. ::curtsies:: I liked it. I believe this is the only recorded instance […]

  • Double Layer Light Compression
    Double Layer Light Compression

    Greetings friends :0} It’s a lovely early autumn’s day here in Philly and I’ve got a long listen for you today. A typical mashup of discussion, field recordings, and an original piece of climate survivor fiction—a new All That’s Left story—from yours truly. I hope you like it.  I know I call myself a writer […]

  • A cyborg’s Recap Leaving Jupiter in Aquarius
    A cyborg’s Recap Leaving Jupiter in Aquarius

    [LISTEN] What you’re reading is a port from my subscription services, patreon, and substack where i crosspost the free content. I post at a frequency between monthly and seasonally lately, and not all of it is posted here by a long shot, so I encourage you to subscribe if you like what you find here […]

  • “Desire Practice for Cyborgs” with Common Field 2021
    “Desire Practice for Cyborgs” with Common Field 2021

    For those who can’t get enough of my Desire Practice offering, here’s a recording of the one I did with COMMON FIELD, a national network of independent arts organizations and organizers, back in November of 2021. Friday, Nov 5, 20215pm EDT/2pm PDTWorkshop: 60 min Partner SessionOrganized by 2021 Convening Partner S RodriguezFacilitated by M Téllez […]

  • Cyborg Memoirs Fan Club is Here
    Cyborg Memoirs Fan Club is Here

    “Sci-fi magic smut survivor memoir.”“Desire Hope Despair.”“Not everybody is good at their body.”“You must forge yourself into a weapon.”“There will be no new colony.” Cyborg Memoirs first existed as the personal website of me, Magus Monk bka M. Téllez fka number18, back on the FREE BANDWIDTH days of the mid 90s dial-up internet. In 2003, […]

  • Here Comes The Fall ’21  ☿ Intensive
    Here Comes The Fall ’21 ☿ Intensive

    Announcing the 2021 FALL MERCURY INTENSIVEOCT 4 – NOV 10, Mondays & Wednesdays, 7-9pm ESTapplications close friday, oct 1, 10pm EST Storytelling critique focused. Sci-fi, fantasy, magic, smut welcome. De-centering MFAs, career path academics, or those currently connected to/embedded in institutional resources. Priority to Philly native and long-time residents. Pay what you wish. ? Read […]