A screencap from IG user nourannan showing scenes from a student intifada encampment, one slide with a page taped to a window that says THE EARTH IS LITTERED WITH THE RUINS OF EMPIRES THAT BELIEVED THEY WERE ETERNAL



00:00:00 episode title
00:00:13 Romance of the Colony
00:27:03 our leaders are cowards remix
00:47:53 cool down chat interlude
01:06:07 The Screwfly Solution (1977) by Raccoona Sheldon
02:02:30 parting words & bendiciones

Greetings from a long chronic pain flare.

This episode of the CM podcast was recorded slowly and painfully over the past 6 months.

It features a sample-heavy recording of my essay ROMANCE OF THE COLONY, a 2017 narrative about the persistent imperialist romance myth of “the colony” in sci-fi, and the dreams of The Colony’s extension into outerspace/surveillance state as seen thru lens of Hollywood blockbusters and anime.

It’s followed by something of a news/noise collage that I’m calling the OUR LEADERS ARE COWARDS REMIX, featuring backing tracks (used w/permission) from madam data’s DEAD GENERALS / DOLLAR GENERAL album, the proceeds of which are matched with their own funds and sent to support Palestinian liberation.

After the remix, we take it easy for a sec with a brief chat from yours truly.

Then we round out the 2nd half of the episode with a throwback from an earlier podcast attempt (before my voice dropped) of James Tiptree Jr/Raccoona Sheldon’s wicked story, THE SCREWFLY SOLUTION, ft music & mixing by Paul Walker.

I’m in a lot of pain rn, so keeping typing brief.

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Samples Used

(in order of appearance)

Keith Courage in Alpha Zones Music – Title Screen | YouTube user OceanBlueKirby

Romance of the Colony

  • The Running Man (1987) opening scene excerpt
  • Total Recall (1990) ending scene excerpt
  • Ghost in the Shell ARISE : Border 4 (2014) scene excerpt
  • Ghosts of Mars (2001) scene excerpt
  • Black Power Mixtape (2011) scene excerpt
  • Interstellar (2014) scene excerpt
  • NASA Social Goes Behind the Scenes of our Journey to Mars panel (2016) excerpt
  • ARMITAGE III OVA (1995) scene excerpt
  • Soylent Green (1973) scene excerpt

our leaders are coward remix

The Screwfly Solution ~ all music original by Paul Walker

Outro feat Wii Shopping Channel music =)



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