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Written pieces with audio accompaniment. Read along as you listen or go straight to my Bandcamp page. For more audio tales, check out the Cyborg Memoirs Mixcloud.

  • Discipline Welcomes Beauty ~ A Cleaning & Organizing Grimoire ~ Audio Edition
    Discipline Welcomes Beauty ~ A Cleaning & Organizing Grimoire ~ Audio Edition

    Please enjoy this audio work in its entirety as read from the original zine, available for purchase here. Sonic ambiance provided by Pauline Darkstar. Discipline Welcomes Beauty by M Téllez A bitch’s/witch’s grimoire. Discipline, cleaning, and organizing are things I’ve developed a reputation for, and this zine meditates on the principles behind my habits. Appreciated…

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  • DESIRE HOPE DESPAIR Speculative Storytelling Streamcast
    DESIRE HOPE DESPAIR Speculative Storytelling Streamcast

    01/2024 Update: Mixcloud removed file embeds for their free users. I may wind up deleting or altering my Mixcloud episodes, so this post stands as an archive. For now you can click the links for the audio. The audio files as embeds will be reassembled elsewhere TBD. Please enjoy this infrequent sci-fi/speculative storytelling & discussion…

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  • The Romance of the Colony
    The Romance of the Colony

    I originally wrote this narrative for Mask Magazine [defunct 2021] about the persistent imperialist romance myth of “the colony” in sci-fi. It’s a story about the dreams of The Colony’s extension into outerspace/surveillance state as seen thru lens of Hollywood blockbusters and anime. Better Living Through Chemistry It’s spring, 2011. Your friend is at the…

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    TRANSITIONAL TIMES TRANSITIONAL BODY by M Téllez She turned to me with half-lidded eyes, her mouth turned upward like a cat’s face. Her hands rested on the worn wooden surface beneath her congregation of plants. We needed nothing to see with, just the full moon’s cool blue cast. The slopes and lines of her shoulder…

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  • Ghost in the Shell and Body Crisis
    Ghost in the Shell and Body Crisis

    My 2015 visit on episode 04 of illustrator/essayist/critic/badass Annie Mok‘s Lights Go Down movie discussion podcast. Sci-fi writer M Téllez of Metropolarity Collective (who is also my housemate) joins me to talk about a movie they’re an expert in, the 1995 Mamoru Oshii anime of Masamune Shiro’s manga, Ghost in the Shell. Music is from…

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  • The Corpse
    The Corpse

    Suli blew his sterile load onto the ground (it happened at the same moment every time) and then straightened up, wiping his hand across a gnarled clump of weeds as the reconstructed reality cleared from his vision and the dull rolling hills of low mountain country returned. Braga would be here soon. The two of…

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  • My Other Body is In the Shop
    My Other Body is In the Shop

    ALL THAT'S LEFT | First Packet by M Téllez Not everyone is good at their body. I know mine’s fucked up. The joints are out of alignment and the energy deposits are unevenly distributed. Nothing fits right lately and people been staring at me when I walk around the hood, like yo is he gonna…

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  • Dark Eyes On the Road
    Dark Eyes On the Road

    The dash instruments shed a comfortable amount of light between them; enough that Kay could still see their glimmer in Dimo’s eyes without the aid of other vision modes. They were transporting a hulker south, and you needed two people to do it safely––an operator and a surveyor. The job briefing explicitly stressed the need…

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  • Cyborg apocalypse
    Cyborg apocalypse

    CYBORG APOCALYPSE and how to be somebody! Global warming is for real, yo. Government here just means corporate pool party anymore. Everything is bankrupt, shut down, or trying to “protect the shareholders’ interests” by locking up shop to anyone not making at least $30,000 a year. Philanthropy is over. Capitalism’s gotten old. Education — college degree holdin…

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  • Ghost Town
    Ghost Town

    “I like you.” “What?” “I like you.” “That’s sweet of you to say, Suli. What are you getting at?” “Just that.” Suli had a sing-song way of saying things that got right on Braga’s nerves sometimes. The malicious adolescent smile. The playful eyes. The laughing. But Suli was a violent, trigger-happy asshole. It used to…

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