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ALL THAT’S LEFT tales released in the years 2012~2015, printed & distributed across four zines, with all but 4 stories recorded to audio format.

  • A Crossroads Dilemma
    A Crossroads Dilemma

    “Who’s that?” “That’s my mom and dad right before they had me.” “I’m really into how they’re taped to the wall like that. All the pictures, I mean.” Kay hummed a polite nod, eyes sweeping over the wall’s haphazard cluster of photo prints and found scraps of collage art. It was an odd feeling to…

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  • The Sermon
    The Sermon

    Here there was a severe humidity. A sullen, dank overcast. A grey world with the drowsy, thick air of a labyrinth. It saturated the skin with an uncomfortable grime that, left alone, would blotch the skin and stick resting eyes shut. Kay couldn’t remember what this kind of environment felt like for a person without…

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  • The Corpse
    The Corpse

    Suli blew his sterile load onto the ground (it happened at the same moment every time) and then straightened up, wiping his hand across a gnarled clump of weeds as the reconstructed reality cleared from his vision and the dull rolling hills of low mountain country returned. Braga would be here soon. The two of…

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  • My Other Body is In the Shop
    My Other Body is In the Shop

    ALL THAT'S LEFT | First Packet by M Téllez Not everyone is good at their body. I know mine’s fucked up. The joints are out of alignment and the energy deposits are unevenly distributed. Nothing fits right lately and people been staring at me when I walk around the hood, like yo is he gonna…

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  • Hotbloods

    Hotbloods by All That’s Left Channel 7-70 had Hotblood Saturdays every weekend of the month. They billed it as a double feature of independent erotic films, but Channel 7-70 (not actually a television channel but a full-service “anytime” subscription media-stream) was owned by Amaripa Group, and “erotic” was their re-purposed word for “explicitly pornographic.” It…

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  • Dark Eyes On the Road
    Dark Eyes On the Road

    The dash instruments shed a comfortable amount of light between them; enough that Kay could still see their glimmer in Dimo’s eyes without the aid of other vision modes. They were transporting a hulker south, and you needed two people to do it safely––an operator and a surveyor. The job briefing explicitly stressed the need…

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  • Cyborg apocalypse
    Cyborg apocalypse

    CYBORG APOCALYPSE and how to be somebody! Global warming is for real, yo. Government here just means corporate pool party anymore. Everything is bankrupt, shut down, or trying to “protect the shareholders’ interests” by locking up shop to anyone not making at least $30,000 a year. Philanthropy is over. Capitalism’s gotten old. Education — college degree holdin…

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  • Try A Little Tenderness
    Try A Little Tenderness

    Try A Little Tenderness by All That’s Left Late afternoon and the air was crisp for once. Cool on the extremities. The weather was in between seasons, in between muggy days and brisk nights. Kay took a step outside, leaving the always musty hallway of her building to survey the uneven streets of the neighborhood.…

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  • Ghost Town
    Ghost Town

    “I like you.” “What?” “I like you.” “That’s sweet of you to say, Suli. What are you getting at?” “Just that.” Suli had a sing-song way of saying things that got right on Braga’s nerves sometimes. The malicious adolescent smile. The playful eyes. The laughing. But Suli was a violent, trigger-happy asshole. It used to…

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