DESIRE HOPE DESPAIR Speculative Storytelling Streamcast

Please enjoy this infrequent sci-fi/speculative storytelling & discussion series, with yours truly as the host and special guest neighbors from time 2 time. Episodes oscillate between the performance of original stories and beloved slept-on tales, with atmospheric audio accompaniment to elevate your listening experience. Intimate discussions related to the story material are a feature as well in this no-budget pet project of mine. =)

The most recent episode:

Audio verbal spoken storytelling – whatever you want to call it – hearing a story can affect you in ways that the written word cannot. Having someone read to you is special. The audiobooks I got from the library as a child left deep impressions on me. Good stories are not limited to dead-on-the-page literature or the goddamn Queen’s English. Some people don’t read anyway because they don’t like to, have trouble, or can’t seem to get into it no matter how they try. So, as a writer and lover of stories, this series is for everyone who feels me on that.

ep 00: Monk reads & discusses James Tiptree Jr’s The Screwfly Solution. Ambient musical accompaniment by Pauline Darkstar.

ep 01: Ras Mashramani reads her story GRL.SUICIDE.HOLIDAY from METROPOLARITY‘s debut book, Style of Attack Report. Audio accompaniment done live by Althea of SWARM & Bare Teeth collectives.

ep 02: Monk reads & discusses Digital Pistil by Lois H. Gresh, from The Cyborg Handbook (1995). Ambient musical accompaniment by Pauline Darkstar.

ep 03: Monk reads Discipline Welcomes Beauty: A Cleaning & Organizing Grimoire in its entirety. Ambient musical accompaniment by Pauline Darkstar.

ep 04: Monk reads HEAT DEATH OF WESTERN HUMAN ARROGANCE in its entirety. As usual, audio treatment and musical accompaniment/audio mixing by Pauline Darkstar.

PHOTO CREDIT: A pic I snapped of the homie Alex Smith.



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