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  • Heavy Prosthetic
    Heavy Prosthetic

    Note: This is a smut story. And “hir” is prounced like “here” There was a strange wind-blown circuit. We were driving big machines and stopped into a weird, long motel. More like a town center, styled after some ole fantasy border town community BUT ALL THE SETTLERS WERE GONE. I met a heavy-prosthetic girl, a…


  • Hotbloods

    Hotbloods by All That’s Left Channel 7-70 had Hotblood Saturdays every weekend of the month. They billed it as a double feature of independent erotic films, but Channel 7-70 (not actually a television channel but a full-service “anytime” subscription media-stream) was owned by Amaripa Group, and “erotic” was their re-purposed word for “explicitly pornographic.” It…

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  • Ghost Town
    Ghost Town

    “I like you.” “What?” “I like you.” “That’s sweet of you to say, Suli. What are you getting at?” “Just that.” Suli had a sing-song way of saying things that got right on Braga’s nerves sometimes. The malicious adolescent smile. The playful eyes. The laughing. But Suli was a violent, trigger-happy asshole. It used to…

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