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Heavy Prosthetic

Note: This is a smut story. And “hir” is prounced like “here”

There was a strange wind-blown circuit. We were driving big machines and stopped into a weird, long motel. More like a town center, styled after some ole fantasy border town community BUT ALL THE SETTLERS WERE GONE. I met a heavy-prosthetic girl, a companion rider like me. We started talking because we were near each other. He was odd and sexual and not that pretty LIKE EVERYONE WANTS HP GIRLS TO BE. HE HAD DARK LIP HAIRS AND CROOKED TEETH LIKE ME. We were sitting on the patio outside my rig driver’s MOTEL room talking WITH THE DOOR OPEN. IT WAS SO METAL HOT OUT. My rig driver was busy with an immersion screen or a book or some thing the motel’s always have. He put hir hand on the inside of my thigh when they weren’t looking, and then touched the other one, squeezing it. I watched hir hands. I knew where they might go, and was worried, because even though it was light, I had just started my flush. He pushed hir palm against my pussy then, suddenly, like he caught my thinking. Even with the pad, I could feel the pressure, and it felt good. I pushed back against it. He rubbed a little harder. HE MUST’VE SMELLED THE HEAT ON ME.

Then he pulled the hem of my shorts’ leg back and slipped hir fingers under. He found my pussy and pushed two fingers all the way in, forceful, the way I like but never get BECAUSE I NEED MAINTENANCE I CAN NEVER GET EITHER. I looked over at my friend the rig driver. They weren’t paying attention and the HP girl knew it. I barely knew the girl. He HAD HIR FINGERS IN me and I couldn’t wait for him to fuck me MORE. He didn’t pull hir fingers back in and out, just pushed them in and pushed them in deeper, moving them around inside me. I LET MY MOUTH HANG OPEN AND TRIED TO STAY QUIET.

My friend left the room, oblivious, or maybe knowing but acting oblivious, OR MAYBE ON LIQUID. The HP girl moved close and grabbed my head with the back of hir hand. I THOUGHT ABOUT THE FLUSH BLOOD THEN DIDN’T CARE. I moved closer. He licked my lips, wet and slow, and then I felt hir tongue slide into my mouth. Big, and slow and flat, so I could feel all of how he moved, and he was fingering me still. I could feel the warm sting of my nipples getting hard. I didn’t remember what hir body looked like. I think he had a rectangle shape. I wanted hir to fuck me.

He was smirking, licking my mouth like he might lick my pussy, pushing hir flat tongue against my lips until it flopped into my mouth, moving hir fingers around inside me deep up to hir top knuckle. I felt like he was doing this because he knew I needed to be fucked, we had all been traveling on the road for a long time WITH OUR RIG DRIVER FRIENDS. Then I heard my friend coming back. I jumped up to try and keep them from coming in by changing the busy signal on the door, but they ignored it. We yelled at them. They had no idea. They were on liquid. I said, let’s get our own room, and the HP girl agreed, picking up hir things immediately. But then I remembered how much it might cost and that I didn’t have any money, and he left without me.

Later I got a couple messages from hir demanding to know why I wasn’t with hir, and to get there. I felt pressured, like I was supposed to be hirs when I didn’t want to be—MY FRIEND MIGHT GET MAD. But all I could feel was my SWOLLEN CUNT and hir fingers in it, JUICING, filling me up. I decided to look for hir. It took me a long time. I couldn’t figure out how to use my mobile device for some reason, and figure out where he was. When I got to the room he was in and opened the door, he was sitting at a cheap little table with the bed behind hir, legs crossed like working men in movies. I FORGOT HE HAD BREASTS. There was someone else in the room with hir.

I didn’t move for a moment. Then I walked in and put my bag down on the floor. I still didn’t know hir name. The stranger looked at me. I remembered she was hir driver, like my friend was. SHE WAS PRETTY LIKE EVERYONE WANTS HP GIRLS TO BE. She didn’t seem to care that I was there, or how obvious everything was. Her pants were tight. MY PUSSY WAS SWOLLEN. I wanted her to fuck me too. The HP girl stood up then and walked over to me. I never took my pad off from before, but I didn’t care. I WAS TOO HOT TO CARE. [PUSSY TOO SWOLLEN TO CARE]. He grabbed the top of my shorts and undid them. He slipped hir fingers between my underwear and my skin and pulled everything down at once LIKE YANKING OFF A BELT/HITTING A DOG. I wanted to be naked all the way, ACCESSIBLE, RANK. Hir friend looked up at me then. I saw her dick, pushing hard against her pants. The HP girl looked over at her. She undid her pants, pulling her dick out. It was SOFT and thick, I LIKED THE SHAPE BETTER THAN than my friend’s. I was excited to fuck a new dick. Then I realized I might not be allowed to.

The HP girl stepped closer and put hir hand on my ass, grabbing it and pulling me hard against hir. He dug hir fingernails in as he did this, and I looked at hir, wanting more. He dragged hir hand up my back, to my shirt, pulling it off over my head. I was standing in my SUPPORT HARNESS. My nipples were painfully HARD. I wanted to look over at hir friend’s dick again, but he knew, and hit me on the cheek. He grabbed me by the nipple before I could be upset and I shuddered from it being so sudden. I felt hir friend come up behind me. She undid my HARNESS, sliding her hands over my shoulders to get the straps off. Her dick brushed against my ass and I pressed back against it without thinking. The girl took both my nipples between hir fingers and tugged them hard, every which way, so I could feel the weight of my CHEST. IT felt warm and heavy. I kept thinking the girl was ugly, but not. HEAVY-PROSTHETIC GIRLS TEND TO HAVE A LOOK. Hir look made me gape.

Hir rig driver pressed against me from behind again. Her dick almost slipped between my thighs. I wiggled my ass against her, hoping it would FIND A WAY in. The girl stepped back and took hir JUMPSUIT off. He had a RIG DRIVER’S physique, like I thought, with UNTAPED breasts. Then he sat on the MUSTY bed and told me to come to hir. He lay back with hir legs apart and told me to get on top of hir, so I did. He pulled me down. Our tits touched and we started kissing. Hir friend came behind and cupped my pussy, HOLDING IT LIKE SHE WAS GUESSING THE WEIGHT, raising my ass in the air, MY WEIGHT UNSTABLE ON THE BED. I was shuddering. The HP girl was licking my neck in that nasty floppy way from before. I struggled trying to get hir tongue in my mouth, while hir friend’s hand was still weighing up my pussy, and then he met my mouth and we were kissing again like we wanted to fuck, slow and drooling. Hir friend stepped back. I felt her fingers press against my clit’s metal rod, and I shook from the feeling. I looked between. MY FLUSH BLOOD WAS ALL OVER HIR LEGS ALREADY. Then hir friend came from behind again, crouching. She pushed and held me down onto the girl so SHE COULD BEAR her dick AGAINST US at the same time. I couldn’t stop shaking. THIS WAS QUALITY, I COULD TELL. I could feel the girl’s spit all over my lips and chin. He rubbed it down between us WITH MY BLOOD, onto our CHESTS, ON MY NECK. Hir friend kept tracing the tip of her PRETTY DICK along our holes. I reached down to feel hir’s. It was bald, and LUBE-wet LIKE THOSE PRIVATE CITY DOME BABIES YOU HEAR ABOUT. Suddenly I felt hir friend’s dick EDGE into me. She went all the way in, and I CACKLED because it felt so good.

She gripped me by the SHOULDER and my waist and fucked my pussy hard. I couldn’t put my weight on the bed anymore. She was holding me up completely. THE JEWELRY ON HER FINGERS AND WRISTS AND PAINTED NAILS TURNED ME ON. I could feel my tits bouncing against the HP girl’s; I COULDN’T LOOK AT ANYTHING. He was pulling on my nipples, slapping my metal clit with hir fingers while hir friend’s heavy dick moved in and in deeper. I listened to her slapping against me loudly, and my own voice. She fucked hard, and ON PACE, but then slowed down to pull out almost to the tip, and then shove it back in. I FELT LIKE I WAS EATING. Her dick went so deep it hurt, but I wanted it to hurt and pushed hard against her for it, groaning open and more open. I looked at the girl and saw he was watching MY FACE. Every time her dick went all the way in, I KEENED AND CACKLED, and he SAT UP to lick my mouth when I did. He fucked my open mouth with hir tongue. Everything was wet. THE HEAT. I told them I wanted it fast again, but she gave me another hard pump and pulled me ON TO MY FEET away from the girl.

The HP girl got up and then hir and the rig driver both pushed me down against the bed, and now he straddled me so we had switched positions. Hir friend held hir the same way she held me, and I pulled hir hard against me, so it would be difficult for hir. HE WAS STREAKED WITH MY DRYING FLUSH BLOOD. EVERYTHING SMELLED OVERWHELMING. I bit hir lip, then lapped my tongue against hir mouth, over hir face. He was gasping from being fucked like he was, and I let hir go so I could slap hir breasts AND HIR BIG CLIT DANGLING HARD. The whole bed was shaking. I thought anyone outside could hear us all fucking.

BUT EVERYBODY KNOWS it’s only rig drivers and their girls who make stops at circuit motels.

The heavy-prosthetic girl and hir driver left as the sun was going down. I stank. I found my rig driver leaning against our rig in the twilight. The new moon was out, close to setting. I posted up next to them, unsure. They looked me over clear and mean and it turned me on.

“You have a good time?” they asked, stepping on my foot. “How’s your prosthetic feel?”

“Like the first day I got it,” I smiled.

Nearby, a snake gorged itself on a salamander.


This was once a dream, wrought further to its current shape for appearance in the spring 2019 debut issue of Venus Saturn Square smut zine.

UPDATE 29 AUG 2020: You can now download the premier volume of this zine in reading or booklet form (15 sheets of paper).