• Call for Smut: Venus Saturn Square returns
    Call for Smut: Venus Saturn Square returns

    UPDATE 17 MAY 2020: Nobody’s been asking but the second issue of this zine is on indefinite hold, due to my lack of capacity thru this pandemic. Will pick it up when the time is right. Reach out to me with any questions you may have. CALL FOR SMUT: Slow-moving /venus saturn sqaure/ zine returns.…


  • Heavy Prosthetic
    Heavy Prosthetic

    Note: This is a smut story. And “hir” is prounced like “here” There was a strange wind-blown circuit. We were driving big machines and stopped into a weird, long motel. More like a town center, styled after some ole fantasy border town community BUT ALL THE SETTLERS WERE GONE. I met a heavy-prosthetic girl, a…


  • VENUS SATURN SQUARE smut zine, a physical reality
    VENUS SATURN SQUARE smut zine, a physical reality

    Is it possible to write yourself out of a blocked situation and into your own fantasies? VENUS SATURN SQUARE took corporeal form on Palm Sunday 2019. It debuted IRL at the Philly leg of Hot Bits queer xxx film festival on April 26th & 27th at Lightbox Film Center, and later had its own noteworthy…

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  • Desire Practice Worksheet
    Desire Practice Worksheet

    A printable PDF of this worksheet can be downloaded here. For information about VENUS SATURN SQUARE itself, see this post. Firm but loving guidelines for filling out this worksheet: Be real and honest with yourself. No one else needs to read what you enter here unless you want them to. Write down your answers. This…


  • VENUS SATURN SQUARE call for submissions
    VENUS SATURN SQUARE call for submissions

    Calendar Dates First Drafts Due• November 16th [Friday]• send to magusmonk @ protonmail . com• don’t worry about word count Prompts & WorksheetsDesire Practice [PDF | text] Anticipated Release & Reading Soiree• Winter A Venus Saturn square? This aspect sometimes means unhealthy sensuality. They are hard, and do not know how to express their emotions.…