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  • Try A Little Tenderness
    Try A Little Tenderness

    Try A Little Tenderness by All That’s Left Late afternoon and the air was crisp for once. Cool on the extremities. The weather was in between seasons, in between muggy days and brisk nights. Kay took a step outside, leaving the always musty hallway of her building to survey the uneven streets of the neighborhood.…

  • Ghost Town
    Ghost Town

    ALL THAT'S LEFT | Zero Packet by M Téllez Ghost Town by All That’s Left “I like you.” “What?” “I like you.” “That’s sweet of you to say, Suli. What are you getting at?” “Just that.” Suli had a sing-song way of saying things that got right on Braga’s nerves sometimes. The malicious adolescent smile.…

  • And Why Not
    And Why Not

    While not a hardcore Metal Gear Solid fan, I did have an appreciation for Snake & his hacker nerd remote partner, Otacon after writing this 2006 fic for a friend’s request. Solid Snake had done more than his fair share of training. From practically the womb on he’d been conditioned, institutionalized. Put through every scenario,…