BAD USER AGREEMENT, the latest episode of METROPOLARITY‘s Journal of Speculative Vision & Critical Liberation Technologies, is finally here. From conception to publication, this release took a few seasons and is the result of us doing the work according to our capacities and desires, rather than some production minded shit. It was also originally intended to be a zine, but then became too thick for anything but perfect binding. It features a body font called OpenDyslexic, which we hope will be easy on people who usually have trouble reading. You can purchase it direct from us at the METROPOLARITY webshop, and likely any event I’ll be reading or tabling at.

Bad user agreements are those that our societies are built upon. The promises we are taught are true and real and our continued existence in spite of the lies. These are stories of people surviving bad user agreements & ways to game the system.

Philly based sci-fi & other atemporal fantastic tales from accomplices & kin.

18 contributors:
• Karga Fantasma
• Nora Sinnett
• Noah Alexander Flora @phenohype_
• Silvia NoSiri
• Dani @prettyboycrybaby
• Seren
• Tommy Dandelion @tommy.dandelion
• Joyce Hatton @adifficultjoyce
• Dyke Sundance
• Malachi Lily @theholyhawkmoth
• Dylyn
• GVN908
• fishspit
• M K SmithVail
• Jurassica Lee McClusky @alternatepools
• M.Meesh
• beckett khaim bauer
• parx333

and the crew
r.cutlass, Alex Smith, M Téllez, and Rasheedah Phillips

124 pages
6″ x 9″ linen softcover, cream paper
partial color
ISBN: 978-0-9981138-1-4
$16 USD (Price includes shipping inside the US)

This book will be available at our upcoming events for $16.