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  • Real Work You Deserve
    Real Work You Deserve

    When you wake up in the afternoon cause you couldn’t get up any earlier cause your whole body stiff and saturated with toxin exposure and mucous and rash and film and grime and you’re pushing it on the last of your meds and you hate dealing with the supplier and you know there’s gotta be…

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  • About A Woman and A Kid
    About A Woman and A Kid

    An older woman came to town. By town I mean our little dark forest, which is on the disconnected part of the city—the other side of the river where the power’s broken up anymore. She came in the morning when we were out pulling weeds and foraging along the creek banks. She had a lot…


  • Dark Eyes On the Road
    Dark Eyes On the Road

    The dash instruments shed a comfortable amount of light between them; enough that Kay could still see their glimmer in Dimo’s eyes without the aid of other vision modes. They were transporting a hulker south, and you needed two people to do it safely––an operator and a surveyor. The job briefing explicitly stressed the need…

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