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  • Life Online Worksheet – Reminiscing for Defense
    Life Online Worksheet – Reminiscing for Defense

    Note: This was originally posted to METROPOLARITY.net on February 26th, 2015. What happens when you don’t have a physical body or can exist in multiple places at once? The Life Online workshop debuted at the 2014 Allied Media Conference in Detroit, inviting participants to share their experiences & memories of life online. We discussed early…


  • Cyborg Memoirs Revival
    Cyborg Memoirs Revival

    Greetings my beloved denizen readers of the net, In the social media time sphere, it’s been a million years since you last heard from me here, but in regular ole human being time, I’ve been lining up a roster of projects for completion. For one, I have been considering a restructure of my Patreon Fan…