A screencap from Masaaki Yuasa's anime Kemonozume that says He'll attack that heart of yours that can't face reality

We might have to join the dead, you know

Late January 2023 finds me pulling threads on militarism, militancy, discipline, Mars, and related martial topics along my usual introspective and media-critical prongs of sci-fi, magic, and survivor memoir.

Topics covered, tracks sampled, and side quest links are below.

Enjoy and thank you for listening.

Topics covered

military environments – militancy / militarism

needing militant discipline during times of survival

Rock Lee and Naruto as child soldier fanfic world

idolizing fictional cyborgs like Motoko Kusanagi

Juliana Huxtable’s “I ALWAYS PICKED THE GIRLS WHEN I PLAYED VIDEO GAMES” jawn officially titled ‘UNTITLED (FOR STEWART)’ <–used to be on tumblr but no more!

growing up in the city and taking a hobby that makes you disciplined

an oral history of nerd stores in downtown Philly

militancy and strictness in catholic school

“leftist” sentiments against militarism in the media while also existing within military economies

linear time and capital, and astrological time and empire
side quest: a historical overview of “Traditional” Astrology with Eric Purdue [youtube]

“records” and our empire’s prizing of the dead written word

and technology/tool use and how it intertwines with the above
side quest: J. Lee Lehman’s Foundations of Astrology series– [youtube] or [spotify]

“the madness of the imperial linear time scale”

bdsm, leather, martial & plantation origins??? and erotic visuals

impotency and sacrifice in the environments of misappropriated resources

“there’s something important about martial discipline”

“it’s a fact that all of our lives are caught up in the spiral trajectory of this age of empires, as a form of dominant social organization”

the media environments of white noise supporting it??

“we might have to join the dead, you know”

“what is the place of militant discipline
what is the place of martial
martian discipline
in our lives

what does it get us
what’s it for
how is it to be put to use?”


Towards the end I start to talk about the movie Possessor a little bit, an unpublished story I’m looking forward to recording, the movie Bacurau
side quest: discussed at length on Cerise and Vicky Rank the Movies [podbay]

Tracks sampled:

Borderline from Sharon Apple The Cream P.U.F.~ album (Macross Plus OST scored by Yoko Kanno) (along w/a couple other Macross Plus OST samples, one of my fave soundtracks of all time it’s looking)

Morrigan’s Stage from the Darkstalkers 1 OST

Avant-Après Mars by Liaisons Dangereuses

watch night service by Black Quantum Futurism

River of Freedom by Deee-lite