The Floating World: Ghosts of Mars

madam data presents The Floating World, a podcast of experimental sound and storytelling. Music in the sense of vacuum cleaners and power lines, a pulsating mechanical unconsciousness. It is sound to listen to while driving, walking through the city or taking the subway, while falling asleep at 3am to construction outside, when you need to be more than your body.

The Floating World Podcast

The Floating World is a project from area babe madam data, who is one of those people who everytime I see them perform seems to be playing yet another totally different instrument with complete control and sensual prowess and who can coax aching ghostly hymns from what seems like detritus cord and circuit boards alone. Her excellent podcast Episode 5: Ghost of Mars features yours truly reading an excerpt from chapter 2 of my work-in-progress novel.

On Ep. 5, some folks leave for Mars under dubious circumstances – projecting the insidious logic of colonialism onto our (very hypothetical) spaceward expansion, M Téllez of Metropolarity weaves a tale of subjugation, coercion, and little resistances – amid neighbourhood walks, cyborg rhythms, and a strange goodbye from an old caretaker.

Submissions from:
John Morrison
Rodnie King
Cybee Bloss
Elissa Fredeen
Rachel MacDonald

compiled, edited and composed by Ada Adhiyatma / madam data ‘little feather’ composed and performed by Ada Adhiyatma

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