Service Appreciation

An old fashioned internet shrine for service expressed through disposable items, mostly bags.


After tagging a handful of posts with #serviceappreciation on my personal Instagram a couple years ago, I wound up creating a hobby account @serviceappreciation, where every post is a short story or meditation about a different plastic bag.

The account has been dormant for several months, but I’ve got a backlog of posts to make. It occurred to me that maybe some of my visitors here would be interested in following this very low-key hobby account, so there you have it.

I’m certainly not the only person in the world who has found charm in a plastic or paper bag. There are more than a few Pinterest boards, Flickr groups, long-read articles, and art exhibitions about plastic bags and their appeal and function in society. @serviceappreciation is simply my own devotional rendition, and you are more than welcome to follow along or submit some of your own devotionals for this convenient, adorable, disposable abomination of the plastic age.

a bunch of plastic bags with smiley faces and 'thank you for shopping' text laid out all over the floor. Text says 'Hey remember the #serviceappreciation posts I was doing with plastic bags? Finally continuing that jawn via @serviceappreciation'