Me holding my TRANS TIMES book open to a page with a chapter title that says REAL WORK YOU DESERVE

Trans Times in the Broad Street Review

The city is changing: new faces, apartments, businesses. These changes are often framed as progress or advancement. But what about what’s left behind? What happens to those who can’t afford the tickets to the future? In the COVID era, remote lifestyles radically alter the flow of life in Philadelphia. The past is being pushed out at a rate that quickens with society’s digital consciousness, which makes M. Téllez’s short-story collection, Transitional Times Transitional Bodies, especially timely.

Corey Qureshi for Broad Street Review

On May 18th, 2020 a review of my short story collection TRANSITIONAL TIMES TRANSITIONAL BODY came out in the Broad Street Review, a Philly arts and culture jawn. For those who don’t remember, I released a first edition of this book with a lavender cover and 4 stories. Then at the start of 2020 I released a second edition with a black cover and additional work. So although the review shows the 2nd edition, it is a review for the 1st. Nonetheless, I am pleased to mark this occasion––my first book review, and the only one I’m aware about at this point!

I’m grateful to Corey for their attentive and interested read. Thank you.