Discipline Welcomes Beauty zine by yours truly

Discipline Welcomes Beauty ~ A Cleaning & Organizing Grimoire

This feels appropriate for spring & the start of the zodiac year. A long-awaited grimoire regarding cleaning and organizing, something I seem to be known for/something I do for myself and also feel conflicted about.

I used to be a very messy child. You couldn’t see the floor in my room, and I would dash across the crap pile, and locate things by triangulating their last known whereabouts by crap quadrant. One day – I must’ve been seven or eight – I cleaned up my room. I don’t know why I cleaned it that day out of the blue. I had just decided, is my only recollection. It surprised my mom, as did the reason. I’ve kept my personal space organized ever since.I wonder now if maybe I hadn’t realized the burden it was to my mom who would have to spend the whole day cleaning her child’s room every few weeks.

Here’s some of the section titles:

  • The bitch’s retreat
  • Not purity. Not order.
  • Control.
  • Take good care of your tools and they’ll take care of you.
  • Keeping altars.
  • Beauty as a sensation.
  • Letting things go.
  • Just remember that you’ll have to live with it.

and others.

As of this post it’s available for purchase from my webshop.
As of 12 July 2018, you can listen to the zine in its entirety here.

the zine on a desk, open to a back cover YOU HAVE TO MAKE A MESS BEFORE YOU MAKE MEANING, surrounded by tarot cards