8 FEB 2021 - Broad&Market got hacked like 11 years ago at this point, and sadly never got put back together again. It was a lovely, low budget Philly street style blog that interviewed its subjects instead of just taking snaps of their clothes, back before Instagram, at the early juncture of street fashion blogs like whatshisface and the other one. Maybe one day I'll reinstate the archive. Now to the old 2021 hacked update:

Broad&Market got hacked recently, and I've been too busy at work to spend the proper amount of time cleaning up. Blah.

It was better that I delete the entire site rather than leave it up and expose people to stupid malware redirects (what the hackers want), and reinfect other files on my server.

Broad&Market was on hiatus anyway, but rest assured the site will return within the week. Sorry, y'all.

<3, Eighteen Monk